Artistic Journey

My roots are not geographical, rather the reflection of a wide cultural mix that has always been part of my life, forging my understanding of the people and the world that surrounds us. My source of inspiration is the entire palette of human emotions and the deep bonds that solder us all, without confines of any kind.

My work explores the links that unite, well beyond borders, since ultimately they are only the artificial ramifications fabricated by mankind throughout history.

The different worlds, interior as well as exterior, that I project on my canvases unfold into infinity.  Human chains represented by mankind, tirelessly travel over these complex spaces.  They symbolize otherness; to be conscious of ones self and of others, an ego that is not me and yet pretends to be my alter ego, another self that will define me.  

My characters are all part of the same fragment of a shared consciousness. All unique in their feelings, participating in a common trajectory, mirroring each other.  In appearance, the cadence seems endless on the paths of their destiny, which they are obliged to follow, in an uninterrupted dance that will ultimately lead them to their freedom.  They learn to see and understand each other. They learn that they all share the same joy, the same pain or fear, the same happiness, and therefore, can finally reach the universal consciousness of which we are part off.

I paint with acrylics mixed with pigments brought back from my travels worldwide. My style is to agglomerate on my paintings the journey of the matter and to imagine that it carries a memory of "elsewhere".

Exhibitions / Press